Sustainable packaging

It is possible to produce paper labels or cardboard packaging in many ways and with different materials. Our motto here is “Design to be sustainable” and using the possibilities available to us. Royal Hoitsema Labels continuously tests these and guarantees the quality and processability.


The fastest way to contribute to sustainability is to reduce packaging materials.

  • By using smaller surfaces or thinner material, the amount of packaging material can be reduced. Paper and cardboard naturally have a beautiful appearance and by, for instance, printing a label to a limited extent, the use of inks can also be reduced.

  • By using alternative paper and cardboard type, a positive contribution can be made. For instance, using paper made of bio-waste, plant remnants from harvesting or cardboard made of grass. Moreover, these materials can literally give your product a ‘greener’ appearance.

  • The use of ‘green’ inks also contributes to reducing harmful substances.


By using partially or 100% recycled paper and cardboard types, a positive contribution is made to making packaging more sustainable. We now deliver millions of 100% recycled paper labels to various breweries.

By using cardboard packaging, you can easily separate it with waste paper after use. By using already recycled cardboard types, you actively contribute to making your product more sustainable.

If you also want to contribute to sustainability, we can inform you about the possibilities and ensure good operation of your product and good processing in your production.


Wherever possible, ink residues are reused at Royal Hoitsema Labels to create ink for new orders. That way, we limit our use of ink and the unnecessary disposal of a high-quality raw material.

Our contribution as a production company

Royal Hoitsema Labels practices responsible entrepreneurship and invests in reducing our carbon foot print. The foot print someone leaves through activities that can affect the environment. We have already taken the following actions:

  • Smart production: at Royal Hoitsema Labels, we continuously work on more efficient production methods. This not only helps us save materials and energy, but ultimately also reduces costs.

  • Cascade heating: we have a central heating boiler system that is connected in series. As required, the boilers switch on one after the other depending on the required heat.

  • Compressed air heat recovery: creating compressed air generates a lot of heat. This heat is recovered and used to heat out production.

  • LED lighting: our company has LED lighting both inside and outside.

  • Charging point for cars: we have two charging points for cars.

  • Charging point for bicycles: we have charging facilities for e-bikes.

  • Waste separation: our waste is separated for reuse fully automatically in collaboration with our partner Virol.

Want to know what else we can do for you?

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